Busy weaving and busy talking to all of you!

Not at the same time.  I can’t talk and weave at the same time.  One is right brain; one is left brain and my right and left brains are NOT attached.  At all, it seems.

I am going to post the eyeglass case I made out of the small purse kit.  It was fun!  Can’t decide if it’s okay to give to my brother-in-law because of the beads.  But why not?  Please, someone weigh in on this?  Can guys carry around eyeglass cases with beads?

Let me show you the piece.

Sewing her sides up.

Covering up the sewing with beads.


I love the silk lining.

Another angle.

Please check A Word from Elena on Sunday for more about this and the weave-along.  We will be doing week four of the latest weave-along.



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