What I would want for a Present from Mirrix!

Obviously, this is not going to happen.  I don’t need a present from Mirrix.  Good thing, because my husband insists that sporting equipment is the only kind of present there is.  My kids and friends are not nearly so narrow in the their present giving ideas (thank goodness).  For example, my husband gave me a helmet and a climbing harness (that would be a rock climbing harness and helmet to protect my head in case I fall!).  Touching.  This year I’ve asked for a particular present:  a kick stand for my Vespa.  She just has a center stand and I just do not like hauling three hundred pounds of bike onto that stand.  My arms just don’t seem long enough.  So kick stand is on my list this year.  Guess what:  he won’t remember.  He’ll probably buy me a climbing rope and maybe some really fashionable climbing shoes.  Gotta love, but not for his present picking skills.

So what if I didn’t own Mirrix and what if my husband was capable of buying me something other than sports equipment/clothes for presents.  What would I want?

Used to be I would  have said the ZachLoom.  It’s my perfect size for tapestry.  Not too small, not too big and easily hauled around.  I just love its shape, its form.  It’s the one I always head to for tapestry weaving.  But that was before the McKinley loom was born.  Even though I have not had the time to use my McKinley loom, I stare at it in awe all the time.  After the holidays I plan to weave a woolen table runner on that loom.  He’s a little taller and a little wider than the Zach.  The proportions are geared toward some great height.  Perfect for making a small rug or large runner and of course great for tapestry weaving.  The jury is out.  I might still want the Zach if I could have only one loom.  But maybe not.

And then there is the issue of bead weaving.  Recently, my LaniLoom is always warped.  Sometimes I use the shedding device and sometimes I use the no warps kit (an essential item for anyone who owns the 8, 12 or 16 inch loom because it’s so much fun).  I have been making the No warps to Weave in Bracelet Kit like it’s going out of style (and the way they have been flying off the shelf, I doubt they will ever go out of style).  But I am also weaving the beaded smartphone case  on the 16 inch loom using the shedding device.  What fun.

And of course, there is always gold.  With the great deal with have going on now for this gold thread, I would ask for that.

Midas stopped here.

Beaded smartphone case . . . how can you not want to make that?
I have made about six of these bracelets (and lots of friends!)

Nothing prettier than the sight of a Mirrix Loom

I am going to check back tomorrow with some more thoughts on what Mirrix item I would want for a present!


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