Happy Holidays

I actually feel relaxed.  Thanks to the amazing folks at manufacturing and a lot of effort all around (Elena, take a day few days off, please . . . you make me work too hard!) we got all the looms out in time for the various holiday celebrations.  Ones we even said “no way, can’t do it, it will never get there in time,” did, amazing the customers and those who received the loom gifts in time.  Of course, a certain amount stress goes with this.  Okay, a lot of stress.  And now I am de-stressing, although it’s hard to imagine that I really don’t have to do anything today.  There is of course always something to do.  I could tackle some accounting, design some new kits, order some beads and thread and yarn and all the supplies we have almost out of.  Or I can just chat away on this blog and relax, go for a long walk, hang out with the family (if I can find them), visit friends . . .

I wanted to share a picture of my son and Chloe which I took Christmas eve.

Zach and Chloe

Maia and Christmas tree (we went for a planted tree this year . . . it has a ways to go!)

In the spirit of making things for presents this year, Zach made pottery.  Here is the line up and some detail.  We spent forever picking who should get which one. 

And of course I did finish my beaded smart phone case and I will be giving it away to a dear friend some time this week.

Whom did you give your purse to?


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