Weaving a city of gold

Happy New Year to all of you.

Except for the absence of snow (I ski, well not this year) things have been going pretty well thus far.  My resolution was to weave every day as much as possible.  I had focused so much on making things to sell in galleries that I lost sight of making things that inspire me.  One fun thing about last year was coming up with new designs to weave on the Mirrix.  I will continue to do that as much as I can this year.  But I also want to weave pieces that have been living inside my head and need to get out.  I started the below piece just before New Year’s day.

It’s woven on the McKinley Loom.  This is the first time I’ve actually woven on this loom.  I thought my first piece on it would be a table runner.  In fact, I warped it to weave a table runner and after about an inch of weaving I took my scissors to it.  I just was not in the mood to weave a table runner.

The next day I put on a linen warp.  Linen works great on the Mirrix because it requires perfectly even tension.  Putting a linen warp on a loom where you have to tie every thread pair is very difficult.   I explored my yarn stash and came up with:  a ball of natural hemp yarn, a ball of thistle yarn, some rafia, a bunch un-dyed silk yarn as well as dyed silk.  I also discovered some lovely fine wool in earth colors.  And then I found my pot of gold.  This is where I stick all the gold scraps left over from various projects.  Who can throw away gold!  I stuffed it into the shed and let some of it spill into the front.  I will take more pictures of this as the piece progresses.

The theme of the piece is:  city of gold.  The “city” is made from the hand-dyed silk yarn.  The gold is all the rest.  I guess I am almost imaging a city springing up in a desert.  Whatever is stuck in my head seems to be happening in the piece.  I hope I can keep it going in the right direction.  There is nothing more exciting than heading in the right direction.  But it’s awful when things go south and you’ve got to get those scissors out!

I also plan to put a warp on a smaller loom and weave a similar piece.  Something thin and long.  It’s in my head.  And it will be good to be able to go back and forth between the two especially if I get stuck.


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