Gold Bracelet Collection Notes from the Plane

Golden bracelet: By today some of you will have received the gold thread bracelet collection. We didn’t include instructions, which might be an issue for some of you, so I’ve decided to use my time on the plane wisely (well, after having watched “The Help”, which Elena directed me to download from iTunes . . . a first). Now I shall be wise and talk you through a weaving with gold thread. First of all, let it be known: it is fun to weave and there are all sorts of possibilities. I have as of yet just explored straight lines but I have curves and leaves and patterns zooming through my brain ten thousand feet above the ground. The process of weaving straight lines is simple so do not panic. First, set your loom up for the no warps weaving. I am leaving about six and a half inches between the bars. Measure your wrist and see what you get. You want a little area in between the two ends of the bracelet for your clasp. I have woven one and three quarters bracelets thus far. The second one is on a mini-Mirrix buried in my luggage somewhere below me right now. I had planned to take it on the plane, but decided most likely I would not use it and my backpack is so filled with computers and beads and cords that even the mini was not going to fit. Also, this is a night flight and the thought of trying to wrangle with beads and gold thread in this light was a bit more than my imagined patience could handle. The first bracelet is only about an inch wide. The second one is about half again as wide. I think I prefer the wider format. First thing: weave in a couple of rows of seed beads. Or even just one. This is your design. Next prepare your gold thread. I used three strands which I then threaded into a tapestry needle and then doubled. I found it helpful to knot the end to keep things tidy before weaving. I took the needle and wove it under the first warp, over the second, under the third, etc. Before heading back in the opposite direction, catch the thread from the beads under your gold thread so that it runs up the side of the piece. That way, once you weave the beads again the bead thread will not show. The wonderful thing about wire which I am now discovering is that it does not pull in when you weave fiber over it. So this is a great piece for those of you who are still learning the ropes of fiber weaving. Weave a few rows of the gold (or however many you want to weave) and be awe struck but how much the gold section looks like gold. Well, it is gold. But I am still amazed by the shine and brilliance of it all. When you are done weaving the gold, thread some more beads on the bead thread and catch the thread behind the gold, again so that the gold thread travels up the side of the piece and doesn’t loosely hang on the side. Keep weaving in this fashion until you get to the end, which should be just beads. I like to end with a few rows of beads. Remove your piece and sew in the two warp ends or use them to create a clasp. After I finish the piece that is in my suitcase I plan to create a piece that has shapes. In my mind these shapes look like leaves. I think I have figured out how this can be accomplished. I am hoping Elena gives me time tomorrow to play with these ideas. I she has lots of plans for making videos tomorrow, so I might have to survive the videos before I can follow my golden heart’s desire. I also plan to take many photos of Sam-I-Am, Seattle, and everything Mirrix and loom-ish. So looking forward to week of working with Elena in person. Skype is wonderful and I am ever grateful for it . . . but being in a real room with someone is still best.


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