Getting Started: The Tapestry/Bead Cuff Bracelet Kit

Starting today, this weave-along will focus on weaving a tapestry/bead cuff bracelet which is the perfect beginner’s project for bead or tapestry weavers. It teaches you important skills on a “small scale”  and it’s fast, easy and produces a stunning final project! Today we’ll just go over the basic set-up and materials needed for this project and then warp our looms. If you do not have a kit, you still have time to order but you may be a little behind for a week or two. 

How it works:
Every Sunday until the bracelet is finished we will send out an email (like this one) going over everything we want to accomplish in the coming week. The idea is that everyone will stay at relatively the same place and can ask questions, comment and share pictures (which we love to see!!) on Facebook (page as well as the group which has become a great forum for the weave-alongs) and on Ravelry as well as via email. 

It is our hope that you post to these forums at least once a week. Get advice, give advice or just tell someone their piece looks nice. The advantage of these weave-alongs is that we, as a community, can share our knowledge with each other. It’s kind of like a class, but virtual! 

What comes with the loom, top view
What you need to begin warping

The weave-along will be over in mid-February. If participants fall behind, we will keep forums open after that period for weave-along related discussion.

What you need:

-A Mirrix Loom (preferably size 8 or larger with a shedding device) and all that comes with one.
-A ten-dent spring (if you do NOT have one we can work with a twelve-dent spring by stretching it but we do recommend having one). Remember having a ten-dent spring means that there are ten dents (spaces in the warp coil) in an inch when on the loom.
-A tapestry/bead cuff bracelet kit (or similar materials: Yarn (for example: silk, rayon floss, perle cotton, novelty yarns); A spool of beading cord; beading thread, a brass cuff; a piece of ultra suede; size 8/0 and 11/0 seed beads)
-Heddles (for more on heddles click here
-A pair of scissors
-A bead mat (optional)
-A needle (or needles) 
-Glue that can bond fabric to metal. These types of glue are available through craft outlets. You will only need this for finishing your cuff. 
-A Phillips head screw driver IF you have wooden clips

-A ribbon or cord (if you plan to only weave one piece on one side of the loom) to help stabilize your warping bar after your warp
How you want to set up your work space is up to you, but we suggest finding a flat surface and organizing everything you will need to warp the loom and begin weaving. Swing out the two (or one if you are using an 8″ loom) legs under the loom and place it on a flat surface.

Make sure your loom is at a height so you have about 2″ of threaded rod showing on each side. Measure to make sure the loom is even. We suggest if you are using a size 12″ loom or larger that you put your weaving on the left or right side of the loom. You will need some kind of string to tie around the warping bar on the opposite side of where you will put your piece. You will do this after you have warped your loom. It will help to stabilize the warping bar. The reason you don’t put it in the middle of the loom is, because it is such a thin piece, it is difficult to balance the bar. You may want to warp the loom on both sides and make another piece on the other side at a later date. For example you could warp the other side 10 warps wide and make a little purse. The tapestry/bead cuff bracelet cuffs come with enough extra yarn to make another piece.

We suggest checking out the warping instructions on our site today if you haven’t done so before.  Because we’ve already gone over warping for tapestry in detail (click here to go back to our warping for tapestry post), today we will just over the basics for this particular project. (These warping pictures are from our last tapestry/bead cuff weave-along, just to give you an idea of how your piece should look) 

For the tapestry/bead cuff bracelet we warp for tapestry and add beads in a unique way. Because of the spacing of the warps in this particular project size 8/0 seed beads fit perfectly between the warps. This method is not recommended for weaving just beads, but happens to work perfectly combining beads and tapestry. 

For this project, warp 15 dents across using your 10 (0r 12, see above) dent coil. You will be warping for tapestry, which means you will put only one warp thread in each dent. Easy!

Remember, for this project you will be using the C-Lon Cord (not the beading thread) to warp the loom. It’s really easy to work with (and warp with) and is also what you will use to weave your header (next week!). 

Warp 15 dents across
The loom warped. This loom has a bottom spring kit on it, which is not necessary for this particular project but may be helpful if you want to weave small-scale tapestry or wide bead pieces. 

The loom pre shedding device. Notice the cord on the right side helping to balance the warping bar.
Beginning to put on heddles.
Putting heddles on the other side.

All he heddles attaching the shedding device to the warps.
All ready to weave!

Happy warping!


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