It’s The Journey…

Today I met with the Seattle Weavers’ Guild Tapestry Study Group for our monthly meeting. We sit down in a room at a local weaving store to weave and share projects. People come and leave as they can and it’s a blissfully pleasant experience. Today’s meeting solidified what I already knew: I really like tapestry weavers (and bead weavers, too, of course). Maybe it’s because they’re artists, or that those drawn to tapestry tend to be smart and vibrant… or perhaps I feel a certain nostalgia around tapestry weavers having grown up with a mother in that world. One of my favorite memories as a kid is running around a weaving show (where my mom was demonstrating) with my little drop spindle feeling like the princess of the weaving world. 
Today, I mostly just sat and wove and listened. It was so very nice to have a little break from everyday life. While there I was planning on weaving a little sampler for a tutorial (yes, our new site will have tutorials!) but realized too late that I was probably using the wrong yarn to clearly show “pick and pick” like I had planned. So, instead of weaving and taking pictures and trying to figure out the best way to explain a technique, I just wove (the same thing I was planning on weaving, but I will redo it with some Brown Sheep yarn rather than handspun.) I was really enjoying being lost in the weaving and it made me realize something: For most of us, the joy of weaving (be it beads, tapestry or something else) is almost completely in the process. Sure, we love those finished pieces, but the reason we weave is because we love to weave and even if we’re weaving a sampler that no one will ever see (and might just be cut off the loom by tomorrow), there is still so much joy in weaving it. 

Pick and Pick with Handspun:


2 thoughts on “It’s The Journey…

  1. Thanks Elena. I think you might be right about tapestry weavers being smart and vibrant people in general. Also I just warped my Mirrix last night to do a sample of pick and pick for a large tapestry I need to start this week. Maybe it is that time of year.

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