No Warp-Ends Bracelet: Finishing

Today is the day we finish weaving our bracelet, take it off the loom and create a loop and a clasp.  You will notice that my last section of mixed bead rows is only two rows wide instead of three.  I was finding it difficult to fit in the magnatamas.  So I reverted to just size 8/0 beads because they were much easier to insert in that smallish space.

I released the tension on the loom and slipped off the bracelet.

I then removed the paperclips.

Using one of the warp tails, I strung twelve size 8/0 beads to form a circle for the clasp.

I used the other warp to sew through this circle from the other side to:  1) get rid of that warp tail, 2) to make the circle of beads as strong as possible.  Bury the ends somewhere in the bracelet, tying a knot and then sewing some more before trimming.  If you don’t have a softlex needle, which can be threaded by the softflex wire, just use the wire without a needle since it is stiff enough to allow you to string beads on to it.

Next you need to make a peyote tube.  Using the size 8/0 beads make a flat piece of peyote eight beads wide (or even ten if you’d like).

I found great directions for this at:

Zip it up as per the above linked directions.  Sew in tail end.

I decided it would be fun to add two magnatamas to each end.  They will also help prevent the clasp from coming undone.

Find the middle of your peyote tube and get your thread centered there.  Determine how much length you need to add to your piece in order to have a comfortable, but not too loose, fit.  I determined that I needed five beads.  So I strung five beads and then sewed through the middle bead on the end of the bracelet.  I strung five more beads and came back through the peyote tube.  I sewed back and forth through the attachment several times in order to make it strong.  Remember, there is going to be quite a bit of tension on this so you might as well over engineer it.

I really like the look of the magnatamas on the end.  Gives it a very finished look.

There she is . . . all finished and ready to wear.

More pictures of what your piece should look like.

And this final one is an example of using a glass button  instead of a peyote stitched tube.  You can use anything you want as long as it keeps the bracelet closed and, of couse, also looks beautiful.

We hope you enjoyed this adventure and are ready to make a second one!


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