A new affinity bracelet and an ankle bracelet

I kept fixating on the clay beads that are on sale at the www.caravanbeads.com site.  I knew they could be used in an affinity bracelet.  So I finally took a break from getting ready for the Craftsy video and ordered and then wove those beads.  I used a very thin tapestry needle to string them onto the silk thread.  They have huge holes (I am using the 2mm by 4mm beads).  I love the look.  It is kind of funky but also very colorful.  Instead of making a peyote stitch clasp, I simply tied a piece of suede cord around the the over lapped braided silk ends.  Works great and fits in with the overall design.

I used the blue, terra cotta and light green beads . . . they come in lovely muted colors.

The clasp could not have been easier to make!

Elena suggested I try to make a bangle on the loom.  At first I was going to try to do it with beads, but then I got fascinated with the idea of doing it with silk thread and a few beads.  My idea was that I would weave an eight bead wide and silk tapestry piece using the No Warps Ends Kit and softflex beading wire and then roll it up and sew the sides together.  I thought it would make something rounded and bangle-like.  The mistake I made was to use two cut beads which resisted rolling up.  Next time I will use size 11/0 seed beads.
Bangle for the wrist?  I am not sure.  It’s a little bulky.  Plus I didn’t make it big enough so that if I had sewn the ends together it would have struggled getting over my hand.  
I had purchased some thin, flat leather cord a while back.  I had tried to put memory wire in the piece, but it just didn’t want to go.  So I threaded the cord into a large tapestry needle and pushed it through the piece, leaving a few inches extra for the tie.
And then I tied it on my ankle.  This is hands down the sweetest ankle bracelet I have ever made.  You can see it a mile away.  It is not subtle at all and the colors just sing.  This is staying on my ankle all summer unless I make a nicer one.  And the good news is it is so easy to take off and those ties really stay tied.  

Now I have two new supplies in my supply box:  clap beads and suede ties.  

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