The Friendship Bracelet All Grown Up

Like many of us these days I live across the country from some of my closest friends. Skype, Facebook, IM and email have made keeping in touch much easier, but it’s still hard to be far from all those people who I have known the longest. My best friend, 3,000 miles away in New Hampshire (I’m in Seattle these days), had a fantastic idea recently: to take a notebook and send it back and forth across the country filled with whatever we want: poems, pictures, journal entries and anything else we can think of. It was such a wonderful surprise to get the notebook in the mail a few weeks ago and I am excited to send mine back. In addition to a whole bunch of writing I decided to include an Affinity Bracelet in the notebook. I won’t show the bracelet in case she reads this blog, but it was a pretty basic all-bead Affinity with lines of crystals added periodically making the edges not straight.

The great thing about these Affinity Bracelets, but also about creating art in general, is that it gives you a piece of yourself to share. My husband and I got married recently and I must say some of the most touching gifts were handmade. I mean, we adore our new vacuum cleaner (seriously, I love that vacuum cleaner) but the painting that was painted just for us? That’s a special kind of gift. 
Create. Share.


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