Inkle Weaving on a Mirrix

I you already have a Mirrix Loom, you don’t need to buy an inkle loom. Why? On a Mirrix you can make long (twice the length of your loom) inkle pieces and even wide pieces and the shedding device works for inkle weaving in the same way it does for tapestry.

Inkle weaving is kind of the opposite of tapestry. Tapestry is weft-faced, which means ONLY the weft can show for a tapestry to be tapestry. For Inkle weaving, only the warp shows. This means your design is based on how you’ve arranged your warp. Here I will be doing a very simple inkle weave to show you how it can be done on a Mirrix. There are more complex technique you may want to explore.

I warped my loom in the same way I would for tapestry (you can learn how here: without a spring with 6 warps of pink, 6 of dark blue and then 6 more of pink. This warp pattern will be what you see when you’re finished weaving. It is important when warping (and weaving) to keep the warp threads as close together as possible which is why I did not use a spring here.

I used size 8 perle cotton for my warp and my weft.

Beginning to warp my loom (note that I am not using a spring)
Starting my dark blue. To do this, simply tie off the first color you are weaving and then tie on with your next color and continue warping as if you were using the same warp thread. You can do this however many times you want.
My loom all warped and ready for heddles.
The loom with heddles put on. Remember before you start weaving to keep your warps pushed together as close as they can. Using thinner heddles might be helpful to keep your warp from spreading where the heddles are put on the loom.

The weaving part here is easy! Ideally, you’d use a shuttle to bring your warps through and to pack down your weft threads. You could also use any (thin and not sharp, a credit card might work well) edge to pack down your weft threads, but a tapestry beater or fork will not work because you don’t want the tons separating the warp threads.

You can see how easy this is and how neat it looks when you can see the warp and not the weft. I love it! Try it out and let us know how you like it and any tricks and tips you have for inkle weaving on a Mirrix!


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