Beads, Baubles and Jewels

I am copying this from an email I received today. I did this segment over a year ago.  It has aired on PBS stations, but I am not sure where or when.  But now you can see it.  Read on . . .
April 6, Beads, Baubles and Jewels began broadcasting weekly on  Each week a new episode will be broadcast starting Friday at noon until the following Friday – then a new episode will be broadcast.  We will not archive the episodes – we want to encourage people to visit the website each week.  Anyone can view the episode at any time all week long by visiting the website and DVD’s are available there as well.
Episode 1410 of Beads, Baubles and Jewels will begin airing on June 8 at noon.  First, Kristal Wick shows how to make a knotted and ruffled crystal pearl necklace using wire lace.  Then, Marlene Blessing is on location with Joan Babcock – showing jewelry designs that incorporate macramé with beads.  Next, Claudia Chase shows how to make a fiber/bead cuff bracelet on a loom – a new technique for our show. Finally, Mark Nelson demonstrates the process of gilding and reticulation – a great way to add texture to metal.
Please let everyone: friends, relatives and customers know when they can watch you online.  We’d love if you would mention it on your blog, newsletter, Facebook page and even twitter.  For those viewers who do not get the program on their local PBS channel it’s a great way to see the show, and for those viewers who just want to watch it again it’s a great opportunity.

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