A Visit to Mirrix Manufacturing

Mirrix’s manufacturing facility is located at Sunshine House, an amazing place that provides services and supported employment to Door County, Wisconsin residents with special needs and/or disabilities. Our amazing manager Sandy works with other fantastic Sunshine House employees to make every Mirrix Loom with love and care. We are so happy to be a part of such a fantastic organization. With manufacturing being in Wisconsin (while we’re in New Hampshire and Seattle), we don’t get to visit manufacturing enough and seeing them fills our hearts with joy. 
Some Minis, ready to be sent!

Claudia teaching Sandy to weave. Sandy is our right-hand woman and does an absolutely fantastic job. 

This is a 10″ loom! Only a few were ever made. This is a collector’s item. 


Eric making looms bottoms

Eric and Sandy and a 12″ loom

Jason and Claudia

Milling machines


One thought on “A Visit to Mirrix Manufacturing

  1. That was so cool to see! I'm in Appleton, about an hour or so from Door County – it's nice to have a piece of Mirrix so close to me 🙂

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