I finished it!!

If you recall, I was working on AA geometric pattern belt when Social market for a Mirrix came to an end. Well, I finished it in the nick of time – specifically, the day I was to wear it is when I finished it! All due to a bit of procrastination and boredom if I’m honest. Working in just two colours on such a large(r) scale became monotonous!

If I had thought and planned better, I could have had both halves on at the same time. However, what I did do was to weave in those ends as I went along. And it was sooo much nicer to cut it off the loom and have only one…or two weft ends to weave in!!

In any case, I LOVED it. It’s nice and comfy, and looks good with my little black dress.

Bead loomed belt

I even went to the trouble of modelling….after some requests! I figured if I’m doing it I might as well do it properly! This is only my second self portrait. It was a quick edit so will need redoing when I have time to sit down properly. In the meantime this will do 🙂


Thanks for reading, and enjoy your evening.


3 thoughts on “I finished it!!

  1. This belt is so beautiful! Can you tell me where you found the belt clasp? I wouldn’t know where to look.


    Happy Weaving!

    • Hi Taylor, I got it from a bead shop in London. If you do a search you should e able to find one, perhaps even in haberdashery shops. If you tell me where you are, I can see whether I can find one for you

      • I will see what I can find. I am from the States but am currently based in Beijing China.

        Thanks for your help and happy beading!

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