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  1. Dear Elena,
    I am going to be making a bead tapestry for the purpose of making a purse from it. I have been looking at your tutorial on this subject and it is very helpful. But there’s something that it doesn’t deal with that I need to learn. I plan to put metal feet on the bottom to protect the beads from friction. This will require 4 holes in my bead tapestry of about 3 mm in diameter. I’m using 15/0 Miyuki rocailles so that I can achieve the greatest detail possible. My question is How do you weave holes in a loom stitch bead tapestry?

    Thank you,
    Rose Mary Abbott

    • Rose-

      What you’d want to do is leave spaces between the warp threads in four different places by weaving only partway across in those places until you’ve made your hole the size you need it. You can then go back and fill in any space after. So it would be something like:

      —– —– —– —–
      —– —– —– —–
      —– —– —– —–

      Does that make sense?

      Have fun! We’d love to see the finished product!


    • No, you’d just weave in sections. So you’d weave up in a column, and then leave a space and then another column and then leave a space and then another column. Then, when you’ve made the hole you can continue weaving normally.

      • Dear Elena,

        Is the attached drawing (really bad drawing) what you are saying to me? Just look at the top 2 holes. Would I need to tie on a new weft string for the rows that are between the holes?

        Thank you, Rose Mary


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