Bead Soup Bracelet Revisited

I haven’t had a chance to finish the last bracelet, but you know the drill.  It’s finished like the first.  My mind started to wander as it filled with some new ideas, and so I headed in a new and surprising new direction.  Got the idea as I was trying to wake up yesterday.  That process consists of my lying in bed and letting ideas and thoughts float through my brain before the day has taken its toll on my creative thought process.  It’s when I get my best and most original ideas.


The genius of this idea came when I created a new batch of bead soup.  I looked at all those beautiful beads and crystals and thought:  yeah, this is great but in order to weave all these beads you have to set the warp as wide as the longest or biggest bead and some of those beads are really long and really can’t be used.  So how do I use all the beads in the bead soup in one piece.  I suddenly had this thought:  what if one wove beads off the grid or used the warp threads as a canvas that was not dedicated to weaving a row of beads across the warp threads and leaving it at that.  I had this image of a bunch of beads that would sit at angles, go on top of the woven beads and in effect mimic the concept of bead embroidery married to bead weaving.  And as it happens about one in a hundred times when I come up with some great idea, the image I had in my brain was able to find its way in reality.  So I am excited because this is new.  I have never seen anything like this before.  I had the same sense of AHAAAAAAA that I had when I visualized the tapestry/bead cuff bracelet.  I always love to find a totally new way to use the Mirrix Loom, and this was one of them.  To accomplish this bracelet one needs a loom that can provide perfect tension so it lends itself perfec
tly to the Mirrix.  Plus, there are a bunch of future additions that I can only imagine such as combining fiber and doing a lot of the finishing right on the loom.

I have five inches woven and one inch to go.  I am still contemplating the finishing.  I think I have it figured out but don’t want to rush it.  So for now I will just tease you with the piece on the loom.  See if you can figure out how this is done!










3 thoughts on “Bead Soup Bracelet Revisited

  1. C, this is the BEST YET!!!!! Mac and I love the texture you have created! A “feast for the eyes”! It is a freeform method of weaving with an open door to the imagination to create. Also……very modern and cool looking. Hugs, Mac and Sue.

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