January Tapestry/Bead Diary

I tend to be long-winded but I appreciate brevity. (I may be more like a novel  but I wish I were a poem.)

That poetic succinctness that I strive for (and don’t ever come close to meeting) is what attracted me initially to the concept of tapestry diaries. Weave every day. Practice techniques. But the real challenge: summing up the day in a tiny block of color.

In the spirit of resolutions, I have started both a tapestry and bead diary for the month of January. I will catalogue my adventures here on the blog and in our Mirrix Looms Facebook group. I encourage you to grab a loom, join in and make your own! I’d love to see what everyone comes up with!

What is a tapestry or a bead diary?

A tapestry or bead diary is basically a piece you work on every day for a month. I’m not sure what the rules are, exactly, and you have complete creative freedom with this, but my plan is simply to weave a little section of the tapestry and of the bead weaving every day and each section of weaving will somehow represent that day. Maybe it will be in color (today is yellow, probably because there is sun here in Seattle for the first time ever. Or so it feels.) or an actual woven number or  just a shape. Maybe each little piece of the weaving will be saturated with meaning. Maybe it won’t. We’ll see how it goes.

Janette Meetze makes a stunning tapestry diary every month and posts pictures to her blog that can be accessed here. I recommend checking it out as a great example.

Is this an online course? How do I do what you’re doing?

Nope. This is just something I’m doing for fun and for me, but I’m happy to have company! You’re welcome to ask questions, of course, and I will tell you the specs of what I’m doing when I post, but don’t get too caught up in the details. Use what you have on hand. Make your piece as big or as small as you want. Use whatever size loom you have available. Don’t worry about mistakes. Play!


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