Playing with Color: Painting Silk

Mom has always been the color goddess. She just has a sense about those things. That’s why I was a little apprehensive trying my hand at silk painting, but with a little help I’m addicted. It wasn’t easy, but it was so much fun to see color combinations come to life on the silk, and worth the time it took for the amazing results. Here’s a little photo diary of the process:

hand-painted silk
The dye
Painting Silk
A pink base
Painting Silk
Adding color
Painting Silk

Painting Silk
Flower garden inspiration
Painting Silk
A microwave dedicated to dying

Painting Silk
Rinsing the silk
Painting Silk
Final products

Painting Silk


6 thoughts on “Playing with Color: Painting Silk

    • Maybe the photographs gave you that impression. In real life, there isn’t much change for the painting stage to the drying stage. If anything, the color gets a little richer when dried.

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