Embroidery with hand painted silk yarn

This is not about weaving.  This is about embroidery, which I decided to learn how to do because I wanted another way to play with my hand painted silk yarn.  I can only do so much embroidery.  Weaving is gentle on my hands but embroidery seems to anger them after an hour or so.  It’s mainly my left hand.  My thumb has to grasp the cloth (maybe I need one of those wooden frames that hold the cloth?) and it doesn’t like it.  I am thinking I might combine the embroidery with weaving.  For example, doing embroidery on a weaving.  You don’t see much of that.  Once in a while a tapestry weaver will add some embroidery to achieve, for example, a thin vertical line without having to weave double weft interlock, which can be a real pain.  I am sure there are other examples of embroidery on tapestry, but it’s not that common.  That will be my next adventure.

I thought I would show you a sneak preview of two unfinished works.  The first two (almost full photo and close up):  It’s a combination of angelina fiber, hand painted silk yarn and beads. It took a long time and it’s not finished.  The swirls around the solid areas need to be finished.  I embroidered it on black hemp cloth. The last one is done on linen cloth with just hand painted silk.  I plan to completely fill the cloth.  It is a long way from being finished.





One thought on “Embroidery with hand painted silk yarn

  1. This is so beautiful – the colors are so vibrant! A testament to your skills in both embroidery and hand painting silk yarn!

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