Quality Workmanship: Better for your wallet, better for the environment. Happy Earth Day

It seems like many products these days aren’t built to last. We buy things knowing they’ll only work for a few years and then we replace them and start the cycle over. We’re all aware that this isn’t a great system, for our wallets or for the environment, but a lot of the time there isn’t much we can do. This morning as I struggled with a broken (AGAIN) espresso machine, I thought about this and reflected upon the seemingly-outdated concept of quality workmanship.

As I sat down at my computer with my half-made cup of coffee (the steamer is broken, I really craved a soy latte) and began checking my emails I realized how proud I am to be part of a company that makes products the old fashioned way. Each loom is hand-crafted by our wonderful employees at our manufacturing facility in Wisconsin and meant to last not one year, not ten years, but a lifetime. You may need to replace a spring or a clip, but a Mirrix Loom should be able to be passed down from generation to generation. That means no broken looms in the trash can and no need to buy another (unless, of course, you want more than one).

And that’s how it should be, for our earth and for our wallets.

Happy Earth Day! (I leave you with a picture of the Mirrix pup, Sam, when he was a little guy working hard for the environment at grist.org)



3 thoughts on “Quality Workmanship: Better for your wallet, better for the environment. Happy Earth Day

  1. Only yesterday I was talking to a friend about my Mirrix Lomm, here in Australia,
    I could only buy a wooden one at nearly triple the cost ( including shipping) . So Thanks Mirrix and Happy Earth Day to you

  2. I am ordering a Mirrix Loom this week from you after much self-contemplation since I found you last fall on the web. I truly appreciate the fact that this is a Made in USA product and made to last. This is a birthday gift to me, from myself.

  3. Dinah- We now have a distributer in Australia! She’s still working on getting her website up, but we’re thrilled to have her and can’t wait to spread the word in Australia! Patricia- Welcome to the Mirrix community! Enjoy your loom and let us know if you have any questions!

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