On Kindness and Art

One of my favorite parts of my job is seeing what people create with our looms. From simple jewelry pieces to lavish tapestries, we constantly  see amazing and inspirational work. It’s also neat to see the creative ways people use our looms. One of my favorite innovative uses for a Mirrix is  seen in Anthony Locane’s work.

Anthony weaves with wire warp and printed metal weft, creating gorgeous and fascinating pieces.

You can read Anthony’s 2011 guest post on our blog here to learn a little more about what he does. Be sure to visit his website as well!

In October of 2012 Anthony’s studio was hit by hurricane Sandy. His looms were damaged, but even a hurricane can’t keep a Mirrix down (with a little TLC, of course)! In digging around a little, we found a NYT article about Anthony and the hurricane. If you scroll a bit, there’s a picture of one of his pieces on a Mirrix (although you can’t see the actual loom).

Fortunately, it looks like Anthony is getting everything cleaned up and his looms are currently being restored.

Recently Anthony sent Claudia and me each one of his fabulous pieces of art. We ADORE them and are so grateful for his kind gesture. Have I said before that we have the BEST customers in the world? Check them out (below)!

Thanks, Tony!

Anthony Locane


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