Bead Woven & Embroidery Bracelet: Finishing!

When you are happy with all of your weaving and the final look of your piece, it is time to remove it from the loom. Do not forget to measure it to ensure that it will fit the wrist of its recipient. In my case, it measured a bit beyond 6.25”.

To remove the piece, loosen the tension on the loom and slide out the warping bar. Trim the ends of the warp threads so there are no loops. Tie overhand knots using pairs of neighboring warp threads. Be careful to get those knots as close as possible to your weaving.



It is at this point in the given instructions that I have chosen to take a bit of a personal departure. Although I do love to hand sew, I do not however love to hand sew through beading and ultrasuede together. (Ouch!) So…here it is- I admit to it freely: I cheat. Yep, I use a little bit of glue. (Ah, I can hear the admonitions from here. Sorry folks.)

I measure and cut the ultra-suede so that it is the same size as my finished piece. Placing the finished weaving bead side down with the backside facing up, I dab a LITTLE BIT of trusty E6000 across the back of the piece being SUPER CAREFUL not to overdo it and have any glue- God forbid- seep through to the front of the piece. I use a small paint brush for this to better control the amount of glue. In this way, I am also able to glue down those pesky errant warp tail that want to stick out anyway. I am also careful to neatly extend the glue JUST to the edge of the piece so that the ultrasuede is sealed all around creating a seamless look without any messy glue seeping out. This careful glueing takes a little practice but can definitely be successfully accomplished. Of course I realize that many of you purists out there might never consider using glue at all but I can assure you that it does work and might even be preferable to those sometimes imperfect tiny sewing stitches around the edge. I should also note that in the case of this particular bracelet, I prefer not beading around the edge either as I believe that it detracts a from the finished beaded look of the piece. (Just my humble opinion here.) Feel free of course to choose your own personal finishing method.

mirrix glue

mirrix clothepins

The written instructions continue as follows:
“Warp the bracelet around your wrist. Measure the distance between the two edges. This distance will be filled with the loop that the button will go into and the button itself. This cuff should fit snugly around your wrist. In any case, you will want to add some beads to the beading thread to attach the button.
Center your beading thread at one end of the cuff in order to attach the button.
Attach a length of beading thread to the other end of the bracelet. Pick up enough beads to be able to fit over the button. You can make this loop longer than that if you need to in order to fit around your wrist. Keep in mind, that if the cuff is snug the button will not fall out of the loop even if the loop is large. Sew back through the end of the bracelet and then back through the beads for strength. End the thread as you ended the other thread.”
mirrix clasp

mirrix clasp 2

mirrix clasp complete

mirrix 2 braceletes


See you next time,

xxx, Karen


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