All 7 Complete

Hi everyone! I have finally finished all 7 bracelets from my ‘One-A-Day series’! I will be posting them all individually on my website for sale, hopefully tomorrow. I still have the brow band to complete for my Daughter’s horse. I need to get the actual brow band for a fitting and she has been away at camp. I was going to do a guitar strap next up, but I have yet to receive the leather ‘blank’ from my Son, so I am doing a belt next. Here is the photo of all 7 finished bracelets….one for every day of the week πŸ˜‰

One A Day Bracelets

I have finished 3 days of loomed bracelets for my One-A-Day challenge. I am playing with colors and patterns. It is taking most of the time to replace the bead charts with beads I actually have instead of buying more, which don’t get me wrong, any excuse will do to buy some, but alas, the wallet says ‘you’re not going anywhere or calling anyone and don’t bother trying online ordering either’ LOL So this is a case of making due with what one has already πŸ˜‰

Wednesday’s bracelet:

Thursday’s bracelet:

and Friday’s bracelet:

I have a cool idea, I think, on how to finish these off and look forward to my grand attempt LOL See you soon with the rest, off to work on Saturday’s πŸ˜‰

Bianca’s Brow Band

I started Bianca’s Brow Band the other day. It doesn’t look like much right now, but it is going to be fabulous I think. I drew the shape of the piece on 2 pieces of paper taped together and then she drew the design out with my help and picked out a pile and a half of colors. I will be incorporating some bead embroidery to this piece as well. You will see all of this on the video when I post it, which will be all inclusive at the end of the piece. Here are pics of what I have so far.

This is a pic of the pattern, half of it. I use Bead Tool to design my patterns.

I cannot wait to take my final image, which will be on her horse!

Talutah Choker

HI everyone! This piece was started and finished fairly fast, I think anyway LOL I designed this piece up several years ago and decided on a whim to do it, since it was very different from my first loomed piece. I had a lot of fun with this, but there were challenging moments on here. Here are a few work in progress photos and the finished photos. I loom merely on instinct and without teachings. πŸ˜‰

Just a reminder that I have an entire web page set up for Mirrix Loom endeavors. ‘Fun With Mirrix‘. I have everything archived on that page, although I think I am going to have to rethink it and organize it better πŸ˜‰

My next project is going to be for my daughter, Bianca. She received a horse, ‘Street Fox Discovery’ for her 10th birthday this past March. I am going to be making him a loomed decorative brow band. I am, again, working off an idea and have no clue how I am going to achieve certain parts of this LOL I will be making an all inclusive video of this process, start to finish! So it will be a good week or so before my next video, but it will be fun! I will post pics as I go. Have a great day!

Split Loom Videos

After much craziness in my household and stressful tech problems, we have finally got everything running and now we are video taping everything! Even the dog playing frisbee! LOL With that progress I was finally able to finish the piece I was working on, for what seemed like forever! I had been putting parts of it off so I could tape it, so it dragged on far too long πŸ˜‰
The first video is how I put the closure on the split loom piece:

This next video is of the edging I did on this piece:

This is the finished product. The feel of the finished piece is like that of glorious fabric. It is supple and sleek feeling, not to mention the shimmer in the gorgeous Miyuki Delica colors! I hope you like it!

Finishing Split Loom Piece

Good morning my loom friends! I have a photo I took the other day after I took the piece off from the loom and wove in the center threads. Today I am going to work on finishing this piece and take many pics along the way. I did take a video of the piece when I took it off from the loom. Due to technical difficulties, it won’t be available until next week. I am hoping to have ALL the tech things straightened out by then! (long, aggravating story LOL)

I am really excited to get this finished so I can see it all done LOL I haven’t made a split loom piece in a while and have missed it, so I plan on many many more! This will have graduated apatite faceted rondelles on the fringe. I have been hoarding them and they evidently were waiting to be on here πŸ˜‰ Perfect match!

Weaving the threads in on this piece has been a breeze. The Delicas accommodate the threads very nicely and I have not had problem one doing that! I am debating on the closure as it stands right now. I may make a double sided toggle/buttonholes like I did on my first split loomed piece. It looks nice and can work for either right hand of left hand closings and just balances the back out..which is also cool LOL

Have a great day and I shall post more on here tomorrow!

Looming Video

I was finally able to get a video going of me working on the loom. I am not totally comfortable doing this, but it will get better as time goes on. This was my biggest ‘fear’ taking on this challenge LOL I plan on my next video to be when I take the piece off from the loom and start to work in the threads. I am hoping to achieve that this coming week/weekend. I am really enjoying working on this!

I am not sure what I will do next on the loom. I was thinking about something simple like a bracelet. I was also thinking a beaded bag would be fun to do..not sure if amulet size or small purse, but plenty of time to consider my options. I have also been thinking for a very long time about a guitar strap. My oldest son is a manager of a music store and he handed me a strap a long time ago to attach a piece of beadwork to, so that may be a really fun option as well πŸ˜‰ I am waiting for measurements on my daughter’s brow band for the bridle of her horse….decisions, decisions LOL

Plugging Away

Good morning all you Mirrix lovers!

I have been working like crazy on the split loom piece. Because I have made one before, I have not run into any snags, which is terrific! I love being able to occasionally tighten my warp threads, it is so easy with a twist on each side to just give it some better tension. SOO easy! I have had many many questions asked of me about the loom on Facebook. One lady asked me if looming is easier or harder than bead weaving. I have to answer that is about the same, the techniques are just different. I think because of the warp threads, people are intimidated, understandably! Warping the loom is super easy! I believe to have a full and well rounded repertoire in beading, all beaders should have a loom and particularly, a Mirrix!

On to the fun stuff! I took lots of photos yesterday, and will today too, of my progress. I am having so much fun I did not want to go to bed last night!

I hope you are enjoying watching the progress as much as I am having fun doing this πŸ˜‰

WIP and a Free Loom Pattern

Happy Sunday everyone! We had SNOW here in Maine (at least in MY area on the Western side near the White Mts) yesterday! How wrong is that?! LOL
I did a whole day of looming on my most fantabulous Mirrix yesterday! It went smoothly until I posted a photo of it then saw a few errors..being human can be interesting LOL I, inadvertently, decided my butterfly would look nicer a bit different then the colored graph, so after many friends on Facebook commented, I decided I would just keep it as it is instead of the grueling process of ripping out a WHOLE days worth of work. There is an old saying/tale/myth ( I believe it is Native American) that there should be a mistake in every piece. I have heard there is a beader who puts one red bead in every piece she does for this very saying. If anyone knows of a link to this Native American way, please leave it in a comment, I would love to see it and reference it properly.
So without further ado here is the WIP pic:

I also should tell you, since I forgot, that I started a webpage for everything Mirrix on my website. If you would like to see everything on one page, please go here: I think there may even be a free loom pattern for a 1.5″ wide bracelet on there πŸ˜‰ It may look like this:

Have a great day and I shall talk to you all soon!

Split Loom Work In Progress

Hello everyone. My name is Christina Neit, from Good Quill Hunting, and I was the beady Winner of the ‘Social Market for a Mirrix’. I would like to take this moment to thank Claudia and her daughter, Elena, for choosing me for this project! I am very excited to share with you all things ‘Mirrix’ over the next 3 months!

I made a video the other night as I warped my new Mirrix Loom, but alas, I have been struck with a technical difficulty (Vista versus camcorder driver) and will be posting it this coming weekend.

I started weaving beads last night on the loom and am very excited to see this piece progress. I wove on it late into the night then realized it was 2AM! The 1st few rows were the hardest as I am making a split loom piece (no shedder) and it is rounded at the bottom. The photos below are the progress I made last night and the graph of the piece I am doing. I hope you like it, it is very summery.

I will keep photos coming frequently, so stay tuned to the progress. I hope you all have a wonderful day!