The Mirrix Freeform Bracelet



Before I even finished it Elena demanded ownership of this bracelet.  This meant I had to be careful not to make it too long.  Elena has the smallest wrists of anyone I know.  I used to think my wrists are small.  Not anymore.  At first I thought I overachieved in the smallness territory.  When I removed the bracelet from the loom I looked around for a doll whose wrist I could put it on.  I tried to increase the length with peyote.  Didn’t work.  Hated it.  Ripped it out.  Then I tried square stitch.  Equally awful.  And then I said to myself:  make the clasp attachment a little longer and it will be fine.  So I backed the bracelet with ultra-suede and then sewed beads all around to cover up my lousy sewing and to give it more depth and one more row of beads on either end.  Then I suffered over the clasp.  Elena wanted a button, a silver button if possible.  So I searched through all my s stuff and came up with a few very pretty pewter buttons.  Pewter/silver.  She won’t know the difference, I tell myself.  I wanted to use a silk covered O-ring for the thing for the button to go through because those O-rings make things stay on.  Because they have stretch they work so much better than something that is hard and static.  But silk covered?  There is no silk in this piece.  If it had silk (and future ones will have silk AND gold) the silk covered ring would be just fine.  Light bulb above my head:  what about embroidering beads onto the o-ring.  And so I did.

The first attempt at attaching the button failed.  Made the attachment way too long.  This cuff needs to fit snug.  It was going to look like Mommy’s bracelet on her five year if I didn’t fix it.  So I went smaller, smaller than I though realistic.  And guess what?  I got it so right.  The bracelet is snug on me but will fit Elena’s delicate wrists just perfectly.