Ask Elena: Which Loom for Weaving on The Go?


I am constantly waiting for my kids at their endless basketball, soccer, you-name-it-practices and games.  Sure, when the kids are actually doing something, I am riveted.  But that takes up only ten percent of my time at most.  I took up both knitting and crochet to help pass the time but I’ve grown bored with both and everyone I know now has enough scarves and hats to get through the next twenty years.  I saw your loom group on Ravlery and I was fascinated.  I’ve always had an idea that I would someday weave but I was put off by those huge looms.  The smaller rigid heddle looms now marketed to knitters will only serve to further alienate my friends and family who are, as I mentioned, drowning in neckwear.  The idea of creating artwork on a loom seems very appealing.  So, finally, to my question:  What size loom would be most suited for a person stuck in a lawn chair or balancing on bleacher seats? I like the mini, but I am thinking I might also want to weave thread.  

Sore Butt in San Diego

Dear Sore Butt in San Diego-

It’s funny you mention this, because the Mirrix Loom was actually invented for just this reason. Mirrix President Claudia Chase wanted a high-quality, yet portable loom to take to take to her kids’ (my brother and my) games and practices. Not only is a Mirrix Loom great for on-the-go weaving, but it’s a great conversation starter on the sidelines of the basketball court or soccer field.

The 5″ Mini Mirrix is a great portable loom that can fit in most purses. It would be perfect to take to any game. While it is meant to be a bead loom and does not come with a shedding device, it is possible to weave fiber on it. That said, if you’re aiming to make pieces just a little bit bigger or are interested in getting into tapestry, the 8″Lani and the and 12″ Little Guy looms are both very portable and come with or without the shedding device. You can compare the sizes of each of our looms here.

5 inch Mini Mirrix

5″ Mini Mirrix

Generally, tapestry is a better medium for portability, but you can certainly make beads work too. Just remember a good bead tray!

Weaving is a great gametime pasttime, but I will warn you, as the daughter of a weaver, your kids may get sick of beads in their cleats and fiber stuck to their shin guards. But hey, it’s worth that price to pay for some serious sideline entertainment!